What Not To Buy Your Children For Christmas

I know we haven't had Thanksgiving yet but I also know the reality of it is many are already doing their Christmas shopping.

After watching television for a little bit I had a thought, I thought about the things we shouldn't buy our kids for Christmas.

Have you noticed the toy or educational commercials lately?

Have you really listened to or looked at them?

I  am always struck with the picture they give.

Now first of all don't read what I'm not saying, I don't think there is a thing wrong with a child being able to entertain themselves, I think it is an important thing to learn but I also think as humans we are prone to go to far one way or the other.

We all have to agree we live in a time that is different from any in history.

We spend less time with our children than any parents before us.

Truth is that means we have less time to speak into their lives than any parents before us.

We have done this so long we have lost sight of what we are doing.

We see commercials that show us a little one sitting alone in the living room playing with her toy/computer that is teaching her to read.

Her mother peaks around the corner to see her, smiles and goes back to what she is doing and the child is alone.

We buy snuggle blankets because it's a fact a little baby needs snuggled, but because we're so busy we buy a blanket to do it for us.

Now there is a time that those things are okay but the danger is we let them take over and it breeds selfishness in us.

It gets easy to let a toy teach our children or a blanket snuggle them so we can facebook or text or cook or visit or whatever we want to do.

Be aware of the things you buy this Christmas.

Buy things that will promote togetherness.

Buy toys that will get you on the floor playing with your babies, a blanket that will begin to smell like you because you spend some time each day just sitting snuggling your baby in it.

We have got to stop delegating our parenting to teachers, coaches, sitters, daycare and grandparents, and even toys and entertainment.

So back to the point, when you shop this year, shop for family items.  buy somethings that will unite your family, not separate it.

We have got to guard out family time, we can't keep giving it away.

The title of this blog was "What Not To Buy Your Children For Christmas",  but maybe we should end it with a question.

Maybe we should ask,  "How Will You Spend Time With Your Children This Christmas?"

Don't give the time away to a toy or anyone else.

Start a list today, not a to buy list or a stressful to do list, just a loving list, a list of little ways you love.

It's the best gift you will ever give for them and for yourself and it will be what they tell about when years from now the conversation turns to Christmas' of long ago.


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