What Do You Mean Remove Myself?

I'm having so much fun hearing from so many of you.

I love hearing what your favorite part of the book is.

Waitin on a Farmer and So You Want to Date A Farmer, seem to be ringing  a lot of bells.

But by far the most common thing people are saying to me is, "Remove Yourself From Yourself"

I love that because it's my favorite line too.

You have no idea how often I do that.

My life has became so much easier since I remove myself so often.

I don't mean I stick my head in the sand, or that I don't deal with things, I mean I have learned to be slower to act and to try to see things differently.

One way it's helped is..... I don't get as mad at Mark.

Now days I almost always, not always, but almost always,  stop and try to remove myself from myself, I pretend I'm not me... but that I'm watching what's going on as if I were someone else.... and you know what I've found out?

Mark isn't always wrong.

Sometimes when I remove myself I see a look in Mark's eye or an expression go across his face I would have been to worked up to see if I was my normal self.

I can hear things that aren't being said better when I act like I'm listening with someone else's ears.

I'm serious, this sounds crazy but it works.

I'm sure you have been around  when someone was having a disagreement, even if it's just your children.

Often you see truth on both sides because you are removed from it.

Because you aren't in the middle of it you can see what's real. You can hear the heart of the people.

It not only works in marriage but it works in almost everything.

One thing that comes to my mind and I've shared it before but I'll tell you again because to me it's big.

On my very first trip back to the doctor after we found out they thought I had cancer I was sitting in the room waiting for the doctor.

She came in and she got my charts up on the computer and she started going over everything with me.

She said she was going to go talk to the cancer doctor and she left the room.

I sat there.

I started to feel afraid.

I had really done pretty well up until then, but there I sat and I was scared.

I felt it come over me, it started out slow but soon it was almost to encompass me.

I started to cry.

Not an uncontrollable sob but whimpers, whimpers that were on the verge of growing but then I remembered.

The Lord reminded me to remove myself from myself, so I did.

I knew that was the only way I was going to be able to sit up and act like a grown mature Christian woman who has faith in God ought to act.

So in the quiet, cold white, little room I sat up and straightened my shoulders.

I blew my nose and wiped my eyes.

I told God he was going to have to come and deal with all of this because I wasn't going to be able to do it.

I told him I was going to go over there in sit in that other chair, and I told him he was going to need to come and be inside of me and listen to the doctor.

He was going to have to ask what needed asked and he was going to have to act right about it all because I was going to be busy having a melt down in the corner.

Well, you know that's all he needed to hear.

He was just waiting for me to ask.

The doctor came in and the Lords presence was sweet with me.

I was calm and I listened to what was said.

I can't explain to you what it does when you realize you cannot do it without God.

I can't be the wife or mother or daughter or friend or patient that I need to be, I'll mess it up every single time.

So...I've learned to move out and let him move in.

So when you find yourself wanting to scream or cry of just in general have a fit, remove yourself, from yourself.

Take all of your out of control emotions and have a seat in the corner while God get things to where you can handle them again.

He has a real gentle way of bringing you back to your senses, or should I say, he has a real gentle way of bringing you back to yourself.


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