We all have it.

Even a show of confidence is often a cover up for insecurity.

It started back in the Garden of Eden.

Eve was perfect, she was exactly, on point everything God had intended for her to be.

Then Satan moved in.

Have you ever thought about what he said to her?

In Genesis 3:5 he said,  "For God knows that when you eat from it your eyes will be opened and you will be like God, knowing good and evil."

He compared her to someone and she came up lacking.

There was someone that had something she didn't have.

There was someone who was more than her.

She wanted what they had.

So she became dissatisfied with who she was and she reached out and took the fruit in an attempt to be like someone else.

You know the rest of the story.

Her life would never be the same, the world would never be the same.

The insecurity curse is still as alive and active today, as it was then and we still fall into its clutches, as easily as Eve did.

I struggle with it all the time.

I feel like I don't look nice enough, my house isn't clean enough or decorated cute enough.

My car has gravel dust on it.

I talk to fast.

I eat to much.

My make-up never lasts all day.

I.....on and on I go thinking of everything I don't do well and everything I'm not.

Some people are just the opposite, they will tell you what all they do right.

I knew a woman who always bragged about how together she was, I mean it was all about her.

Well I knew she wasn't as secure as she acted or she wouldn't have to be talking about it all time.

I didn't like this woman.

Then one day it hit me...she was me and I was her.

We were both focused on ourselves.

I focused on everything that was wrong with me and was quick to tell it.

She focused on what was right with her and was quick to tell it.

Both of us were struggling with the same problem only we were coming at it from opposite ends.

Needless to say I had to rethink my thinking of her.

One day I found this verse in the Bible,  Psalm 34:9 Fear the LORD, you his holy people, for those who fear him  nothing.

Did you notice that word, "lack"?

What does lack mean?

It means not having, it means coming up short, it means, not enough.

Satan is always whispering to me that I'm not enough.

When I go into a room with other people, when I look at other mothers or wives, when I go into someone else's house, when I listen to another teacher, when I read another blog when I see another grandmother he whispers, all the wonderful things about them that I'm lacking....  he doesn't do it so I can appreciate it in them he does it so I can feel discontent about myself.

But this verse, Psalm 34:9 stops him in his tracks.

I've learned to apply the Word of God, it is of no use if I don't apply it, sort of like if I had sunscreen in my purse, but never took it out and used it, if I didn't use it when I went to the beach, I would get burned!!

God's Word is like many other things, it's not about the having it's about the applying.

The verse says, "I lack nothing"

Now that doesn't mean I'm perfect, I mean there are things I lack but it means I lack nothing that I need.

It means that for whatever God has created me for, I'm perfect.

I have exactly everything he needs and means for me to have to accomplish what he wants me to accomplish.

I may not have what you have but I don't need what you have.

You don't need what I have.

Listen to what God said in Ephesians......For we are God's masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago.

See it!

You are a masterpiece.

What needs to be different about a masterpiece?


It is exactly as it should be.

You don't compare masterpieces because you can't, they are different, there is never more than one masterpiece.

Well, there are many masterpieces but what I mean is there is never more than one of each.

So stop comparing yourself to everyone else, it can't be done, there is only one you and only one them.

When I boast about myself I insult God because I'm being prideful
When I put myself down I insult God because he made me and I'm saying he didn't do it right.

I'm not to brag and I'm not to criticize, myself or others

So the next time Satan sits on your shoulder wearing either his "you are better than"  or his  "you're not good enough" costume" just send him packing.

You send him packing by reciting what God said,  so you say, "I am fearfully and wonderfully made, you say, I am God's masterpiece, you say I lack nothing that I need.

The whole point is we take God at his Word, we believe what he said about us, we have confidence in him and his love for us.


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