Fish and Wild Game Wife.... I'm Not

I wish I was the kind of wife that got excited when her husband got a deer, or a squirrel or a mess of fish.

I wish I was the kind that got all proud and excited about what ,my man had done.

But I don't.

I want to.

I would even like to be the kind of wife that wanted to hunt or fish with him....but I don't.

So each night when he brings fish into the condo to clean them, inside I hate it.

Oh I look at them and say how nice it is but inside I'm thinking.....really?

I mean here we are at the ocean...we have a seafood restaurant  on every corner and  yet he has to catch fish,

There are fish markets everywhere, places where you go buy the do that so your wife doesn't look in the sink and find fish heads in it,

But...I'm not that kind of wife..

I like my fish with no bones and I like someone else to fry it. Or bake it or broil it and most importantly, I want the fish heads to be in someone else's  sink.

But...that's not to be, so I fried fish tonight and there are fish heads in the sink  and I have a happy husband.

And after all that's the kind of wife I am....the kind that wants a happy husband,


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