Teaching Diligence, Doing It Wrong But Them Getting It Right

When the kids were young and they would get something wrong, or give up to quick, Mark would say, "You gotta think, life is a thinking process."

Now when and if my kids read this they are going to have  a negative feeling shoot through them.

They hated it when he said that, they still hate it.

Mark wasn't quick to help the kids when they were trying to do something, I on the other hand was to quick.

But Mark left them to figure it out.

Looking back, we know he did that to much, it can provoke and discourage a child but thankfully it can also make them strong and determined.

I was to quick to accept whatever they did and that can lead to shoddy work.

You can see how both could lead to problems.

As with so many of our parenting mistakes, God steps in and fixes up what we mess up.

Because of his great grace and mercy and because of his promises he takes what could have been not so good and he brings good from it.

We have to decide to let him do that, we have to decide to weigh out the bad and the good and let the bad blow away and cling to the good.

I'm so thankful that our kids have been able to do that to a large degree.

They are determined and diligent.

They are not ones to quickly walk away.

They are carrying that, "thinking process" theory into their own lives only they are doing it in a better way then we did.

The condo we stayed in while in Alabama had sliding glass doors and  the frame stuck up and you had to step over it.

Well, Ezra forgot that and fell and scraped his knee.

The next time he got ready to go out in his excitement he almost forgot, Heidi was sitting on the couch and she said, "Wait a minute Ezra,   think about what happened last time."   She said, "What do you need to do this time?"

Now Ezra is little but he stopped.

He slowed down and he stepped over.

I'm not saying he understood everything she said to him but I'm saying she is preparing him to be a thinker.

To go back and think about what didn't work and what will work.

I've seen the same evidence in the lives of the other kids, they got the lesson, we maybe didn't teach it right but they got it and I'm so glad they did  and I'm so glad they are applying it in a wiser way than their dad and I did because after all...it's the hope of every parent for their children to be more than they were themselves.


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