A Man the Woods and a Plan to Keep Briars Out of Your Face

You know how men love equipment.

Big equipment.

Like taking the bush hog to do what a mower could do.

Well, maybe a mower could do it but then where would the fun or the thrill be?

Where would the tractor, the chain, the bush hog, the loader be?

Who would blaze new trails in the woods?

Who would pull logs out of the way with their bare hands, bare hands on a tractor wheel that is?

Who would venture into those dark woods making it safe for the rest to follow?
Who would continue until the set of the sun.
A man, that's who.
A man and his equipment.

And they will do it all for a glass of Iced Sweet Tea and lots of oohing and ahhing and making over them and telling them no other man, not even John Wayne could have cleared that path like he did.

And that ladies is how you get a trail you can ride through with out getting briars in your face and a vast array of others things on your "Honey Do List" too.


  1. This morning I decided to prune my rosebushes while it was still not too hot.

    I was piling the trimmings (ouch that hurts) when my man walks by, shakes his head and says, "You're making quite a mess for me to clean up, aren't you?"

    I just grinned and thought... Yeah, you da man!

    Love me a good man and I definitely have a good one. He pulls all the poison ivy! ;)

    1. Sounds like you do have a good one Evelyn. It's wonderful to hear you praise him. I love when they are willing to take care of us and come in and do the hard stuff. Thanks so much for sharing!


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