Some of My Favorite Back to School Things

Just a few more days and it's back to school for a lot kids.

I went to town  and the store had a back to school section sat up.

I went through it and enjoyed all the kids looking at the backpacks and the notepads.

I smiled at the mothers checking things off  their lists.

I touched the stacks of notebook paper and ran my fingers over the folders.

For the first time since 1993  I'm not buying back to school supplies.

Oh, Lucas has one more year of college left and Liv is starting her first year but that's different.

I loved being a home school family, I loved the back to school supplies and the excitement of opening the boxes when the UPS man brought the new books.

I also loved it the other day when I didn't have to load down the cart with paper and pencils and rulers and compasses and all the other stuff.

I was reminded once again that I really have and really do enjoy all the stages of mothering.

I loved it when they were in school and I loved it the other day when I pushed my cart out of that section without putting anything in it.

Still though, I just have to list a few of the back to school things I loved and I hope you will join in.

A new box of crayons.

Shiny new folders with  pictures of kittens and puppies.

Newly sharpened pencils.

The teachers name on the chalkboard.

The smell of new books.

Thinking your elementary teacher is the most beautiful, nicest woman in the world.

Finding out there won't be assigned seating on the school bus.

This is just a small list of things I liked about the first day of school, now what did you like?


  1. Knee socks, sweaters and plaid wool skirts even on the first day because they were your new school outfit. Tablets. New ones, especially the ones with the orange cover with the map on the front. Pencil boxes. New pink erasers without single smudge on them. And...the feeling of starting all over, fresh, like anything was possible.

    1. Great comment Meredith! I really like the idea of the fresh start you mentioned and the thought of anything being possible. I hope your family has that kind of first day and it continues throughout the year.

  2. I loved new shoes and socks. I still like the smell of our school! I went back for a graduation and it still smells the same,even after all the new remodeling. The library was great!


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