Things in My Day That I Liked.

This is just a random blog of things I looked at and liked today.

This is the front door at Lost River.

Mark and Lucas working on the decaker.


Lucas and I went for a ride in the woods and saw these on the way.

There is a spot in the woods that has several old horse skeletons in it. We assume they were from when the Amish owned the farm. The kids call it the horse grave yard. The gator always dies when we get there. We think it's because it's so steep on one side there that the gas has trouble getting to the engine. That's what I tell myself anyway as the kids start humming scary music

This is the trail leading to the river.

I can't even remember where this was or where it went. I had never been on this one before.

Bowls that Mother brought over for me.

Relish Heidi made with her mother in law, Mary Jane.

Mark was just getting out of the Bobcat when I got there to get him for supper.

I know, soup for supper in July sounds crazy, but it was dreary and rainy and I wanted it.

Flowers by the kitchen door.

The ending of the day.


  1. nice to peek into your life. Love looking at pics that mean something to others.


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