Son, Mother-in-law and Father-in law

Yesterday evening we invited Mark's parents and my parents over to the river for a bonfire and supper. My parents were going to my brother Todd's but Marks folks got to come.

I talked to Lucas earlier in the day and he wanted to know what everyone else was doing so I told him what we were planning.

In my mother heart I thought he might come home but I didn't ask.

Still as I worked throughout the day I kept looking out the window to see if there was any dust flying up above the rows of corn a signal to a watching mom that her son might be coming home.

I had pretty much gave up hope when I got a text that said, "Mom, I'll be there by seven don't let them eat all the food."

Of course that made me smile.

Sure enough long about 6:58 just as we were getting ready to go down to the river he pulled in.

That wasn't the only sweet part of the night though.

You know how sometimes it seems you see something for the first time, almost like blinders fall of your eyes.

That happened last night.

I've noticed Marks parents are more quiet than they used to be.

They watch and listen more and talk a little less.

They don't want to stay as late and put on a jacket at the least sign of dampness or coolness.

Mark's dad is sitting differently in his chair than he use to, more like I remember his father, Grandpa Herman sitting.

But then the unexpected happened.

Mark asked his mom if she wanted to go on a ride,

She said she wasn't sure but kept asking questions, she asked if it was very steep, she asked me if I had done it, she tried to get Mark's dad to go first but he said he had and once was enough.

The funny part is she thought Mark was talking about taking her on a four wheeler ride.

My 82 year old mother in law thought he was talking about a four wheeler ride and she was considering it.

As a matter of fact she said she would go and then found out it was a gator ride.

Which is not near as risky she told me she had heard a lot of bad stories about those four wheelers.

Oh how I wish I had my camera, I wish you could see what I saw.

Mark's mom sitting beside him as he backed up got ready for the ride.

His mother was laughing and smiling and I could see in Mark's eyes he was going to have to try to scare her at least once.

I told my father in law that and he  laughed and said, "well sure he will."

We heard her and Mark whooping it up in the woods, first Mark would make a loud noise and then his mom would.

When they came pulling back up to the campground Mark's mom was trying to smooth her hair back down and laughing the whole time.

She has always loved adventures and travels and I'm glad to say while reaching into her eighties she still does.

Mark's dad told us last night "she has fixed him three meals a day, for sixty two years and that adds up to about 67,890 meals and a man don't leave a woman like that."

The kids asked him if he had liked all of them and he winked and said " yeah, pretty much."

Mark and I went toward the house with me determined to enjoy my family more and with Mark trying to figure out how many meals I had fixed for him.

Take time to notice those you love today because everyday they are changing.

Some getting stronger and some getting weaker.

Treasure them all.


  1. Oh, Kelly...this one made me smile! ...and then get all teary. Treasure them. Treasure them all. Amen, sister.
    Thank you.

    1. Thank you Barbara! I do want to treasure them. I want to chose to not get caught up in all the stress of life and miss the best of life. Thanks for your kindness, you've helped me keep my focus.


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