Have you ever known a jealous person?

Have you ever been a jealous person?

We're jealous when we want what someone else has.

We hear someone say something nice about another person and instead of hearing the other person complimented, we hear ourselves criticized.

Has anyone you considered in your circle been kind to someone outside your perceived circle and you felt as if you had been left out or overlooked?

It's been said that envy or jealousy is like drinking poison hoping the other person will die.

We can go so far with jealousy that it actually becomes resentment or even bitterness.

That's when we are not only upset we don't have whatever it is we want we don't want the other person to have it.

The problem or well I should say one of the problems with jealousy is it keeps us from focusing on what we do have.

It keeps us from seeing our own skills and abilites

It will damage relationships.

It will damage the relationship of the person we are jealous of and the relationship we may have with others who know them.

If you do what you're good at and embrace who you are you won't have to be afraid of who someone else is.

I've heard it said don't be jealous of someone else's well manicured lawn if you aren't willing to pull the weeds in your own lawn.

Decide now to stop comparing yourself to others.

Now I know that's hard.

I have a hard time with it.

I compare myself to others and I don't know why I do that because I get depressed every time.

Or there is the danger I can compare myself to someone in an area where I am the strongest and then I get the big head.

When I was young there was this other young woman and people went on about her pies all the time.

I got so tired of hearing about her pies.

I thought I can bake a pie as good as her.

Finally I got my chance.

She was having a few couples over and invited us.

Well, you know I said I would bring a pie.

It was beautiful.

The meringue piled perfectly.

I got out of the car and started toward her door.

I slipped and fell and turned the whole pie upside down.

When I looked up she was standing there asking it I was okay.

I felt like I hated her.

Of course I didn't.

I hated myself for getting caught up and something so petty.

She didn't even know I was lying there hating her and her pies.

God has always been quick to deal with me.

He had me right where I needed to be.

I had to go in her house and eat her pie.

I have to admit that is a lesson that cured me of a lot.

She is a good pie baker and I don't have to take that to mean I can't make a pie.

Don't' put to much focus on your weakness nor to much focus on the other person's strengths.

Don't insult other people's accomplishments.

If you are a person who talks bad about others the people listening  will think bad of you.

They might not say it but they do.

If we are feeling jealous then we need to work on building others up.

For today pick a person you have a problem with.

Ask yourself if they are really as bad as you think or are you maybe a little insecure of jealous?

Say something nice out loud about that person.

If you really want to make progress in this area, say something nice about them to someone else.

And if you want to totally put a nail in the coffin of jealousy, say something nice to the person you are feeling jealous of.

It won't hurt as bad as you think.

We are never jealous in private.

Others always know it.

It comes out in the little things we say or maybe we totally lose it and it comes out in big ways.

It shows on our faces.

There have been times in my life when I have had to force myself to act right and I've never been sorry.

There has been twice in my life that I didn't force myself.

I acted out what I felt and I have forever regretted it.

I am ashamed each time I recall it.

All because I was jealous.

What a waste of time is that?

A big one.

Don't waste your day comparing yourself to some other kids mom or some other mans wife.

You already have the jump on her because your kids are your kids and your guy is your guy and so you are ahead.

Get out there and live generously.

Give compliments.

Don't put others accomplishments down.

Don't let satan make you feel threatened.

You are worthy and your worth is never based on another's person worth.

Be you and be happy being you because there is not another one in the whole wide world.


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