Bridal Shower Advice and Homemaking Sanity

When I got married in 1983 I was given a bridal shower.

The guest were all asked to bring a recipe. Now it's been almost 30 years and things have certainly changed.

One of the recipes I received was for Smothered Baked Chicken it came complete with instructions on picking the best hen from the flock, killing and dressing method and of course the baking instructions.

I was told not to throw away money on throw aways. For example after I had a good supply of paper grocery sacks stored up I should cut the extra up and use for grease blotters in my platter of fried chicken instead of wasting paper towels for it.

Of course now we don't get paper sacks at the grocery and frying is taboo.

But I still fry chicken (but I don't dress them myself) and I will still cut up paper bags when I have them.

Another word of advice on being a frugal housewife was when the bath towels become worn I should cut them up for use as washcloths.  I still do this too.

Of course there was the wipe off your foil, rinse out your baggies advice too and I still do that today also. Not as much as then but I will still do it.

I remember one of Marks aunts gave us a radio. A transistor radio, it had the wood grain look and I was so proud of it. I can still see where we sat it.

I got a pressure cooker and a cold packer both.

I got a sewing basket although I can't sew.

It's amazing how fast the time goes and how quickly the things a new bride is thought to need and things older women think she needs to know change.

Or maybe it really doesn't change so much. After all when I look back at my list I see I mentioned I still do several of the things they told me.

Or maybe I'm just not changing.

Whatever the case, time marches on and the work of homemaking has gotten easier than it's ever been.

The stress level in the home may be higher than it's ever been but the actual work load has been made easier.

So take it from this older woman, who learned from even older women, when the stress builds up weild out those pinking shears and chop those paper bags and bath towels to pieces!

How do you think they stayed sane anyway?


  1. This is good Kelly! People make fun of me for washing my baggies and foil! I feel better about it now! I think this is good advise. If you don't tell the younger ladies these things they will never know......Lindsay

  2. Yes, I got a lot of those helpful hints as well. But is seems like now the brides-to-be go to Target, Bed, Bath, and Beyond, etc and make lists of what they want to be given. Not saying that is bad necessarily but it takes some of the fun out of giving a gift. I once had a young co-worker who had 7 bridal showers and if she got a gift that wasn't on any of her registries, she would hand it back to the giver and say she couldn't use it so just take it back. If I ever get married again, I will be an older, wiser bride that takes nothing for granted. - Angelia

  3. Thanks for sharing ladies. I enjoyed your insights. You're right Lindsay we've got to teach the younger and Angela you are right as well, take nothing for granted. Thanks again ladies~!


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