Wallpaper Boarder and Rough Talk

My mother loves wallpaper and boarder.

She loves it so much she bordered the inside of her refrigerator, that isn't a joke, she did and she likes it that way.

The wallpaper loving gene by- passed me and since it by-passed me, I've been working on removing wallpaper over at Lost River.

I used the fabric softener, water trick. I scored the paper, I sprayed the paper, I pulled the paper, I scraped the paper.

If I was a woman given to rough talk, I would have been driven to talk rough today, but since I'm not I didn't.

I'm home now.  The wallpaper boarder is off and in the trash.

I'm still mad at it though.

I wish I would have said something rough to it.


  1. Strangely enough, my dad was the wallpaper nut in my family. One never knew what might tickle his fancy. I remember as a small girl he had a lady wallpaper the living room in the house in Old Pekin. It was an odd shade of lavender. Then when we moved into the big house behind the bank in town, he decided to "remodel" the bathroom. Which consisted of putting blue shag carpet on the floor and an orange felt flocked design on a metallic gold background wallpaper on the walls. It was awful!! He was so proud of himself, I think my mom wanted to cry. But she never said a word about it.

    1. Oh, this is Angelia. Sorry!!

  2. Thanks for sharing Angelia, that was a great story!!


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