Face the Storm and Rise Above It

I was watching a show about the buffalo on PBS.

It was called, "Facing the Storm."   They said a buffalo is the only animal that will walk into a storm.
If they face it, and walk into it they will eventually walk out of it but if they turn from it, the storm will follow them and they'll be in it longer.

We all know the eagle is the only bird that flies into and above a storm. It rises above and waits out the storm.

This speaks volumes to me.

Nothing says America like the buffalo or the eagle.

They represent our country, they're a symbol of who we are.

When I think of the past I know that's how we were.

When a hard time came Americans faced it head on.  They didn't look for anyone to help them but themselves and God.

They faced the hardship and then they rose above it.

After the storm passed they found themselves in a better place.

No wonder these two animals were chosen to represent us.

What a great lesson for our kids to learn.

A true American will face the storm and rise above it.


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