Cookbooks of Choice

One of my favorite things to do on a cold winter night is sit in the corner chair with the lamp on, wearing my fuzzy pajamas and drinking a cup of coffee with French Vanilla Creamer looking at cookbooks.

I adore cookbooks.

Even though I adore them, I can't say I collect them.

I look at several, but only keep a few.

I'm funny that way, I don't like more of anything than I'm going to use and I like to use what I like.

These are two of my new favorites. The Pioneer Woman.

Almost everything we've made from these books we'll be making again.  Lots of meat meals and that's what works around here.


Next is this Better Homes and Gardens book.
This is a very plain book. You would almost think it was old.

The pictures are dull, not glossy and the recipes are simple, simply good I would say.

This offers a lot of good yeast bread, quick bread and biscuit recipes.
This one has a special place and as you can tell has been used until it has fell apart.

This is the Marshall Family Cookbook.

It has recipes from my grandmother, great aunts, aunts, cousins, mother, and other relatives.

I just have to gather it up in my hands and sort through the pages when I use it. The binding has long since gone.

I guess you would call this one my cookbook.

In this one I've handwritten all my favorite recipes.

The ones I use over and over.

Some of them are from the books above but I've copied them in here. That way I can have everything together and mainly use one book.

This one also includes recipes from friends and family. I have Mary Boss's Kraut Salad,  Joycee's Chocolate Pie,  Barb's Jello Salad, Dori's Salad Dressing and on and on.

I always write at the top of the page, where we were when we first had the dish, a pitch-in or a guest at someones home and I write the date.

It's sort of like a little cookbook journal I guess.

My girls say this is the  thing they will fight over when I'm gone.

Had I known it was going to be so important to me and them I think I would have spent a little more time on picking out the journal. 

I would have got something a little prettier or homey looking.

I would have written neater.

I also would have kept it cleaner, each page is stained with something.

But I didn't know, so it is what it is.

I guess it's what's inside that matters anyway.

You know what they say, "A mother stirs a little of her heart in every meal she makes."


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