My Mind Was Wandering and I Got Tickled

Since I broke my glasses and can't read I've just been lying here letting my mind wander back over things.

I started thinking about the blizzard we had  when I was a girl.

Then I got so tickled and started laughing so much I had to get up and tell you about it.

You all remember we were out of school for two months and we couldn't go anywhere for a long time.

One day dad and the neighbor decided to walk the four miles to town to get groceries.

We waited at home for them and when they came back after walking four miles in the bitter cold through snowbanks over their heads, buying the groceries and carrying them the four miles back home, back over the snow banks the first thing the neighbors wife yells out to her husband when she sees him coming is, "Are you smashing the bread Danny?"  "Don't smash the bread Danny!"

This cracks me up.  I was just a girl but I knew she shouldn't have said that, I knew it wasn't the time to ask a man if he was smashing the bread, after he had walked eight miles in the bitter cold to get it.

I think he wanted to smash her, but of course he didn't.

I love to hear my brother tell this story.  He can do her voice just perfect.

 I wish he could tell you, then we would all be laughing.


  1. This is hilarious! I can her her voice...I'm sure it is nothing like she really sound....but she sounds this way in my head. Lol...Lindsay


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