A Country Mouse I'll Always Be

Someone asked a question today on my blog facebook newsfeed about how you feel when visitors to your home go into your bedroom or basically enter into rooms they weren't invited into or maybe you even have the door closed to.

I was going to leave a comment but something happened and I had to leave and then I couldn't find it again and can't remember which page had posted the question.

It hit with me though because it's a conversation I've recently had.

When mom and dad sold the farm and we moved to town or what we felt like was town since there was a house on the side of us one across the road and one behind us, anyway one day when we were moving in a boy walked across our front porch.

My brothers and I were simply stunned.

To think that someone would walk not only through your yard but up on to and across your porch on the way to the next house was to much for us.

It was like "of all the nerve."

We had been brought up you didn't go walking around on anyone else's land unless you were supposed to be there let alone up onto their porch.

We were soon to find out that was just how things were done.

No one thought anything about it.

I don't know if it's a farm or country thing verses a city or town thing but it is a big thing.

I would never walk in someone's yard or across their porch to get somewhere else.

I would never enter into any room of someone's home except the room I was first brought into unless the owner asked me to.

I would never go through someone's house or garage, or barns unless they took me for some reason.

To me this is a big deal.

I've learned to others it isn't.

They honestly don't think a thing about it.

When we sold the farm and moved another thing that was different for me was the idea of just jumping into a group of people.

Once again I was more to sit back and wait until I had earned my place. I never assumed anyone wanted me to jump into their conversation or life.

I thought I was to wait to be invited in.

I found out later others didn't think that or see it that way.

I still think a lot of this is the difference between country life and city life.

In town much more is shared, one yard runs into another things are different.

Maybe it's just the age old story of the country mouse and the city mouse.

Still today if someone is on our place and we don't know who they are or what they are doing, we go find out, well, I mean Mark goes and finds out.

I don't think we'll ever get over that.

I guess I'll forever be a country mouse.

I'm hoping that isn't a bad thing.

I hope it's only a different thing.


  1. I agree with you! I would never go onto or into anothers's property without being invited! When I was a kid and our ball would into the neighbor's yard it was such a strange thing to go on to their yard to get it. It just felt plain weird to be there! I consider myself a country mouse.

    1. We'll be country mice together Julie. But then I guess we've always been that!


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