Sometimes You Just Need to Stay Out of It

Sometimes you just need to stay out of it.

Have you ever attempted to intervene in a family squabble only to have everyone end up mad at you?

Maybe you have tried to help a couple that was having a rough time in their marriage. You try to be there for them, you are understanding and then, they get it worked out and wonder what the deal was with you anyway?

Sometimes you just need to stay out of it.

Sometimes the best of intentions go south and things get worse.

Take Heidi and I for example.

When we were on vacation we left the condo and passed the pool on the way to the beach.

We saw a crab in the  pool and knew he couldn't survive there, so of course we thought we would rescue him and return him to the ocean.

He was so lucky we came along when we did.....or so we thought.

We got the big net down off the gate so we could catch him. 

It wasn't easy as it sounds. 

We accidentally knocked one of his big eyeballs off. You know how they stick up, well we knocked it off.

We felt horrible.

We told him we were sorry but that we had to get him out of that chlorine water.

So we tried again to get him in the net and that time we did.

So off  to the  beach we go but  he got away from us so we had to capture him again and this time we knocked off one of his pincher's.

I kid you not, we did.

We couldn't believe it. Now we felt really bad.

We really weren't be rough with him. I wonder if the chlorine had made him fragile or something.

Anyway, so we have him and head on to the ocean to release him.

We get to the edge of the water and place him right at the edge where the tide could carry him out when it came back in.

You won't believe what happened, never in a thousand years would you guess.

As we stood there, and he sat there, waiting for the tide to return a seagull swooped down, picked him up and carried him off.

Heidi and I stood there in total disbelief. Guilty disbelief and shock.

We just looked at each other and up at the bird with the crab in his beak.

I'm pretty sure I heard the crab yelling in his crabby little voice as he flew over, "You should have just stayed out of it!!!!!!"

I think he was right.

Sometimes you just need to stay out of it.


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