"Who Are You" Guest Blogger Lawrita Sleepe

I'm so glad Lawrita agreed to be our guest blogger. As I've said before Lawrita is the mother of Olivia's boyfriend Tim. Actually she is the mother of nine children. She and her husband Byron have seven sons and two daughters. She homeschools the seven children still at home and is a Doula. You can check out her page at https://www.facebook.com/EmpoweredBirthworx 
I hope you will enjoy hearing a word of encouragement from her.

"Who Are You"

Let me introduce myself. My name is Lawrita. I'm actually the  mother to Tim, Olivia's boyfriend. Like our good friend, Kelly, I am passionate about God, my husband, my kids and my home. I love doing what I "do," but I am learning that my identity is not in what I DO, but who I AM.

You know the drill. We get up and make sure our husbands are fed and out the door. We make sure our children are up and we homeschoolers either educate them (all while fearing we're totally messing them up) or send them out the door, to school. We do the laundry, clean up the house, pay the bills, for some, even go to work outside-the-home. We cook, referree, intervene and play damage- control. I find myself getting so bogged down with my abilities, or more like my inabilities, and then wrestle with the giant called "failure." It seems that no matter how much we DO, we let people down, we disappoint and we fail. The truth is, we are human and yes, we DO all the above.

I have found with a slight change of how I look at it, my energy and perspective changes. Instead of what I DO, I speak and think of who I "AM!" I am a wife, a lover, an encourager, a partner, a mother, a teacher, a trainer, a life coach, a nurturer, a friend, an encourager, a mentor, a confidant....You get the idea!

When God answered Moses, "I Am." It's when Moses looked at the back of God's head as God walked by. The Hebrew root interprets the Scripture as saying Moses looked where God had been. When our family and neighbors see where we have been, what we have done, they see who we ARE. 

This change in thinking helped me feel more empowered and capable. I'm not saying the mundane tasks don't get challenging or that I don't still disappoint or fail, but those things don't define me. Who God created me to BE, defines me!

By "being" who He created us to BE, we are giving Him glory (yes, even in our tasks). I challenge you, today, to write down or reply to this post who you ARE and change the way you see yourself. Go about your routines and duties, and BE YOU. You will be impacting the lives around you, and glorifying Him!


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