Thoughts and Sounds of the Night

I don't know why but I can't sleep tonight.

So instead of sleeping I'm up blogging about the things on my mind and the things on my mind are things I remember about the night.

I remember staying all night with my grandparents on dad's side and sleeping in a feather bed;
or listening to the ticking of the clock while I laid in bed at my mom's folks. I remember how it sounded when their furnace kicked on and off too.

I remember kissing my mom and dad goodnight every night until the day I married.

Before dad sold the farm I remember how cold that big old house was in the winter. We didn't have any heat upstairs except for what just worked it's way up the stairs. I think that's why to this day I'm not as hardwood floor crazy as some are.  I know what it is to get up on a freezing cold floor and scoot around on the throw rug so your feet don't freeze.

When it was really cold mom would close off some of the rooms by hanging a blanket over them and I remember how cold it would be if you pulled the blanket back and had to go get something in one of those rooms.  Did any of you ever do that?

I don't ever remember being cold in the new house but boy was it hot.  It was a single story brick house with a black roof and it was before central air was standard. Mom and dad didn't get air until all us kids were married and had left home.

Oh was it hot. You couldn't sleep until long about four or five in the morning.

Then I thought about dreams.

I often dream of the farm where we lived until I was 14 but I have never yet ever dreamed about the house we moved to after we sold the farm. I always thought that a little strange.

I dream about both of my grandparents houses.

I even dream about the fields and the tobacco barn at my dad's folks.

I dream about our old house here and about being outside I'll dream about being in the fields or in the barns.  I've never dreamed about Lost River.

I have had dreams about our new house.

When I think about night here at home now days it goes like this.

Most of the time I go to bed before the kids do anymore so they always come in the bedroom and tell me goodnight. Sometimes they will lay down beside me and talk a few minutes or sometimes they just pop in and pop out. Lucas just walks around the bed a few times, and says a few things or if he comes in late he will just open the door and say, "Mom, I'm home."   That's all he says, I say, "okay." and he shuts the door.  That's all I wanted to know.

The stairs are right on the other side of our bedroom wall so I hear when someone goes up or down the stairs. 

I can tell which of the kids it is by listening. Olivia stomps, she doesn't mean to she just does, Jess, hops and Lucas' ankles pop when he goes upstairs.  Foxey flies down the stairs and hit the bottom loud every time.

The front porch is right outside our bedroom windows and there is an old church bench on it. The way it sits I can see both ends of it between the bedroom windows. Runt sleeps up there and so I hear her moving around.

There are singing  crickets and bullfrogs in the summer.

Coyotes year round.

When there is a breeze the wind chimes on the porch sing to me.

There are just the pops and cracks of the house that you hear when everything is else is still.

Funny how you never hear the fridge run until night.

For the most part  I just hear quiet.

I'm so thankful for that. I'm thankful that I'm awake on this very ordinary quiet night.

I'm thankful I have had a life of ordinary quiet nights and that I can take them out and relive them at times like this.

Speaking of night, I just looked at the clock. It's almost five. The night is over and morning is here.

The night sounds will be coming to an end and the sounds of morning will be arriving . I love them too but that's a whole other story that I'll save for another time.

Good Bye, night.

Good Morning, Morning


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