My Signs of Fall, Your Signs of Fall, I Want to Know Them All

I've grown up looking for certain signs of the fall.

I see brown woolly worms, leaves of brilliant color, crops turned to brown or gold awaiting the harvest.

I see persimmons on the ground and the branches of Apple trees bending low to the ground with the weight of  their fruit.

I see dust flying above the rows of corn as the combine semi's and wagons roll through the fields.

I look for women driving into fields to deliver meals to waiting men.

I know to listen for the wind rustling the leaves of the drying corn.

I know it's fall when the bonfires and wiener roasts begin.

There's the clue of changing things as I step outside and hear the buzz of chainsaws off in the distance.  Or I see pickups pass the house loaded down with wood and a chainsaw or two along with a gas jug wedged in  on top of the wood just right so it will ride safely and still be there when they get home.

I hear women talking about getting the last of the garden laid by before Old Jack Frost stops by for his yearly visit.

It seems fall brings thoughts of the country to everyone.

But fall comes to the city too.

We always read a lot about the country or farm scenes but I've always wondered if I had been born in the city what would I look for to know it was fall?

I know every place has it's own special things and I want to know what fall in the city is.

I know it's just as beautiful as my fall here, different but beautiful.

I think the same thing about Christmas.

Remember the Christmas song Silver Bells?

I loved that song when I was a girl.

I would watch the Bob Hope Christmas Specials and then go up to my room and sing into my hairbrush in front of the mirror and pretend I was Olivia Newton John.  I kept looking up at the ceiling pretending it was a street light.

I guess I said that to say this, What is it like to have fall in the city, what's it like to have it at the ocean? 

What is it to have winter in the city?

What are the markers of the seasons where you live?

I want to hear about it.

Tell me what you have learned to look for and enjoy about fall and all the others seasons in the place you call home.

Oh okay, even if you're in the country and we share the same thoughts on it, go ahead and tell me anyway, tell me from your view.

Let's see the season from the eyes of each other.

Who wants to go first?


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