Miss Kay a Modern Day Example of a Much Needed Lesson

Be willing to forgive.

I think one of the biggest lessons we can learn from the Duck Dynasty craze that is sweeping our nation is how important forgiveness is.

If Miss. Kay had not been willing to forgive and make no mistake about it, it was an act of the will forgiveness always is, she and her family  would have missed out on untold blessings.

When I watched the episode when they renewed their vows and saw Miss. Kay walk down the aisle  I wanted to cry.

None of what was going on would have been happening if she would have had an unforgiving heart.

Or if she had played the victim.

Or if she would have said she forgave but really made Phil pay everyday for his past.

If it wasn't real her children would have known it, our kids always know the truth about us.

They saw genuine forgiveness, grace and mercy in their home and it called to them.

Not everyone who offers forgiveness will become a millionaire and have a Duck Dynasty but they will sure have a dynasty.

Lack of forgiveness keeps so much good from coming into our lives.

We get hurt so we leave our marriage,

We get hurt so we don't talk to our parents any longer.

We get hurt at church so we change membership or stop going.

You know what?

I have been hurt by my husband, I have hurt my husband.

I have been hurt by my parents and I have hurt my parents.

I have been hurt by the church and I have hurt the church.

I want  the ones I've hurt to have grace for me and so I will offer them grace.

We're all told we don't have to put up with anything anymore.

 I'm not talking about abuse or addiction or something like that, I'm talking about life stuff.

Stuff like people being inconsiderate, or forgetful or maybe in tactless or flat out rude or selfish.

If we are going to make it any type of long lasting relationship be it with our parents, children, spouse, church or club we have got to take stuff.

We have got to have mercy.

Not that isn't to say things don't need to confronted. Miss. Kay told him no more living like he was living. She held him accountable but she didn't hold him hostage.

Sometimes I get mad at Mark and want to say something but I will think about what he might could say back to me.

Believe me there is plenty, sometimes just taking a few minutes to run a quick list of my own faults through my mind helps me to be still about his faults.

Truth is, we do have to take stuff.

Truth is people have to take stuff from us.

Truth is forgivenss is one of the most beautiful things in the world.

We all admire it in others but sometimes have a hard time taking it as our own.

When you want to hold on to hurt, even true hurt, don't do it.

Let it go.

Think of Miss. Kay and where she is now verses where she would have been if she would have said no when Phil asked for forgiveness.

No doubt she would be bitter and unhappy instead of happy and fulfilled.

I'm glad she didn't take that road.

I'm glad she is a modern day example of what the Bible has been telling us since the beginning.

"And forgive us our debts, as we also have forgiven our debtors."  ( Matthew 6:12)


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