Christmas Gift Exchange Game

The whole Christmas gift extended family thing.

To participate or not to participate?

When we first married we bought for everyone on my side of the family.

As we started having kids we only gave to the kids but mom and dad still gave to everyone.

In time my brothers and I decided to stop even getting for the kids.

Mom and Dad still bought for everyone. We told them not to but they told us to leave them and their Christmas alone.

On the Gray side we always drew names, over time we stopped that also.

We would give one single gift to a whole family. Things like, candy, or ornaments, games and the like.

This year I'm looking  for  a gift exchange game.  Something different and fun.

If you have any ideas please share them.

I would love it and I'm sure there are others out there looking for ideas too.

So, what gift exchange game does your family play?


  1. Wished I had some ideas to share with ya, but we never done any games or anything exciting and special. Only gifts we do is the kids.

  2. Thats okay Amanda, we haven't either but thought it would be a nice change and hopefully fun too. If I hear of anything good I'll let you know!


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