Christmas with Pam at French Lick

I'm so glad you got here!

I've got exciting news. My friend and neighbor, Pam Hoover will be at French Lick this weekend.

She will be there Friday evening and Saturday and Sunday too at the Christmas Craft fair, in the Winsor Ballroom.

Pam told me there will be 65 vendors there so you will have lots to look at but you will want to buy from Pam I'm sure!

She is going to have headbands, hats, scarves, yarn etc for sale and the best part it's all handmade by Pam.

The even better part is the yarn she uses is right from her own farm. She shears her sheep and goats, cleans the wool and spins away.

I love finding unique gifts at unique places from special people and this craft show will offer all of those things.

Plus, I was talking to Natalie and she said they took the boys to see the trees and decorations at the dome and it was beautiful.

I read on fb that Jenisa went with her husband and boys and they had a wonderful time too.

Head on over to French Lick this weekend and support the little man and woman plus savor the Christmas spirit of one of our neighboring small towns.

I'm sorry I don't have any pictures yet but you can stop by Pam's facebook page, Rooster's Run Farm  in Salem, In,  to read more about her, her family and their farm.


  1. I wish I had time to go visit with Pam and the other vendors....I love shopping local!!...lindsay

    1. I didn't get to go either since I have been sick this weekend. I hated to miss it. I know it was wonderful!


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