Christmas Work and Christmas Fun

We had a great Christmas..

We hosted the Gray Christmas on Christmas Eve and the Marshall one on Christmas Day.

We did a taco bar for the Grays and it was great to have almost everyone there this time.

Christmas morning we had our Christmas here. Olivia's boyfriend Tim was with us since his family is in Fl.

Lucas was the first one of the kids up so he got the others up and called Heidi and Paul and told them to get over here.

We ate breakfast, minus the juice and opened gifts.

Tim came downstairs before the other kids because no one had told him they had to stay upstairs until the all came, so he went back up to wait.

Lucas always stands in front of the tree and makes some type of talk before we open gifts., We don't know why he does this. He never talks and the one day everyone wants him to be still and get on with the gifts he makes a speech.

He tells us how we may not all be here again, or how it isn't the cost of the gift that matters or about how if he buys cheap stuff he can get us more and on and on.

Poor Tim had a hard time.  He came downstairs when he wasn't supposed to. He tried to stand up and give out at a gift when Lucas had the floor, only one gift giver outter is allowed on the floor at a time.

About the third time someone yelled, "No Tim, we don't do it that way" I felt bad and realized we should have given him a Gray Christmas study manual the night before.

It was a wonderful Christmas morning but as you know the work still goes on.

We get chickens at Lost River today so they worked  on Christmas Day, heaters had to be lit and water lines flushed and things made ready.

The kids are here at home laying out the feedtrays and will  fill them up so we can light hearters here tomorrow and get chickens on Friday.

It was a wonderful time even if there was work to do .  Work or no work,  I'm still making plans for New Year fun now!


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