Christmas, It Isn't Just For Kids

We hear people say, "Christmas is really for the kids."

That isn't true is it?

I hope not..

It's easy to get got up in the joy of the children and miss the older folks

If you are looking for gift ideas for those people who have been in your life the longest, maybe this  will help. 

1.Put their tree up for them.  Make a party of it.  Remember to return after Christmas to take it down.

2. Take them out for a drive around town to see the lights.

3. Read out loud with them stories of old time Christmas's. When my kids were small we used to go to the nursing home and read "Little House on the Prairie" to the residents.  They loved the ones about Christmas.

4.Serve them hot chocolate while they tell you and your family of Christmas's past.  You may even want to record it. 

5. Take them a quart of homemade soup, better yet take two and stay for supper. They'll love it!

Fruit baskets go bad.

Nuts are hard to crack and eat.

Flannel shirts get put into drawers.

But gifts from your heart and time will live forever in both your friends mind and in yours.


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