Hot Chocolate with Whipped Cream Please

When I was a girl mom made us hot chocolate.

She used Hershey's cocoa powder and of course made it on the stove.

Sometimes she dipped it right out of the kettle for us and other times, special times, deemed special by mom,  she would put a towel over the coffee table sort of like a mini tablecloth and serve my brothers and me from a pretty white china teapot , well she turned it into a hot chocolate pot for the special evenings.

Mom still has the pot. I wish I had a picture of it I could post.

On those evening we also got cinnamon toast. Which is  buttered bread with cinnamon and sugar sprinkled over it then put under the broiler for a few minutes.  It was as good as a fancy teacake to the boys and I.

On Christmas Eve, the boys, Dad and myself would drink our hot chocolate while mom read the Christmas story from a brown Bible story book we had.

I still love to hear my mom read.

Just the other day Jessica told me that the she and the girls had been talking and they realized they didn't know how to make hot chocolate.

I guess I always just made it and never taught them.

Then I remembered it was the same for me. I remember being newly married, wanting hot chocolate and not knowing how to make it.

I had to learn quick.

Here is the way we like ours.

It is plain and simple but our recipe of choice.

For each cup you are making you will need:

1 tsp. unsweetened cocoa
2 tsp sugar
1 cup milk

mix the cocoa and sugar in the pan then slowly add the milk stirring constantly over med. heat until hot. Do  not boil.

I usually make six cups and to that I add 1 tsp. vanilla and a pinch of salt.

I love to put lots of whip cream on mine. Mark frowns on this and says he wants hot chocolate not whipped cream chocolate.

I am okay with this, as it leaves more for me.

Hot Chocolate with whipped cream please.


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