Don't Be Afraid to Veer Off From the Herd

It's that time of year when everyone is thinking soccer and baseball sign-ups.

I'm glad we have so many sports and so many ways for our kids to participate.

Since most people no longer farm or have chores for their children, sports help to keep them active and busy.

So while I think sports are great for our kids, I don't know that we need to start them in organized sports as quickly as society tells us we do.

I mean stop, slow down for a few minutes and really think about it.

Most children today start day-care when they are six weeks old.

They are around a lot of children early on.

Truth be told, they are around children and their caregivers more of their waking hours than at home with family.

So if we say they need sports for interaction, socialization and such that really isn't the case.

But what do they need at that age?

They need lots of mom and dad.

They need lots of home time.

They need lots of free time to explore, to build, to create, to make messes, they need time to be 3, 4 and 5 years old.

As far as learning game rules, getting good at the game, sportsmanship and the like a 3-5 year old will be better grounded in the years to come if they learn those things early from a game of baseball or soccer in the backyard with mom, dad and the family a couple of nights a week.

So while sports are great don't be in to big a hurry to delegate your role as coach (both sports and life coach) in your child's life.

There will be plenty of time for that as there well should be but in the early years work on building your home and getting them grounded, Gain their heart, build memories. It's from this foundation they will draw strength later on when it is time for them to step out away from the home and into the world of sports, clubs and other activities.

Don't hurry the seasons of life.

They are each one a treasure and we can't call them back.

Don't be afraid to veer off from the herd, sometimes they don't know where they're going.


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