I Just Love Them

When they were small they were always near. I was always watching, always listening.
A mother has that constant need to protect and nurture her little ones.

Where I went they went.
What I did they did.

They were my career of choice.

They were my babies.

In my heart they still are.

But something has changed.

They've turned into these beautiful grown up people.

But what's changed the most is now they are always watching and listening.

They think I shouldn't be out without a cell phone.

They think I shouldn't be out late at night because there are things that go on at night I don't know about.

They look at my facebook page and see I have friends they don't know and become concerned.

They talk to me about the dangers of social media.

I love being the mother of grown children.

I love how they love me.

I love how they are watching and listening

I love how they are protecting and nurturing.

But most of all I just love them.

I know for all you mothers of little ones it will be hard to believe but trust me it's true, as much fun as you are having with your little ones the joy only grows with the years.

To be the mother of grown children is a wonderful thing.


  1. Kelly, You have a beautiful family. You should be very proud! Love Aunt Debbie

  2. Thank you Debbie. I am very pleased with them. They're all doing well and yes, I have to agree they're beautiful, inside and out! Thanks again and lots of love to you too!


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