Some of My Favorite Things About the Farm

In honor of National Ag Day I thought I would simply blog about the simple things I love about the farm.

1. Finding new kittens in the barn.

2. The contented sound a sow makes as she lets her milk down to feed her babies.

4. The way the barn smells when the cows are feeding.

5. Dogs in the back of a pick-up truck

6. The smell of hay and the view from the loft.

7. Watching a couple of men stand in the middle of a field talking then bending down to get a handful of soil, standing back up and letting it slowly sift through their hands back to the ground.

8. When you top a hill along the road just as the crops are popping up and the rows are so green and straight and distinct.

9. The smell of the dirt in the air.

10. Giving dirty little  kids who have played outside pushing trucks and tractors in that bare spot in the yard a bath at night and finding a little shiny nose underneath all those smudges.

11. Combines and semi's in the fields at harvest time.

12 The way  the leaves of the corn sound like ocean waves when the wind blows.

I could go on and on but I'm going to stop because I want to know your favorite things.

Please feel free to add to the list, I can't wait to  read your thoughts and then say, "Oh yeah, I love that too!"


  1. I don't live on a farm now, but did growing up. One of my favorite memories was taking a picnic lunch or supper to "the men" when they had been working in the fields all day. Mom, my sister and I would pack up the meal and drive to wherever they were and we would all eat together on the tailgate of the pick-up truck or sitting on newly plowed dirt. Great times!

    1. Oh Debbie that is a beautiful story. I can see you and Helaine in my minds eye. You made me smile!!


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