You Know What You Know

You know how I've said before, "you know what you know." 

Well all you have to do is watch television to see the truth of that statement.

Have you ever noticed on commercials or TV shows how they throw the hay bales?

Have you noticed the way they lift and throw feed sacks?

If you've ever done that type of thing you know they aren't really throwing hay bales and there is more than likely just stuffing in those sacks.

You can tell by the way they throw them and by how the sack acts when they get a hold of it.

I've always thought this but yesterday I was watching Bonanza.

 Ben and Hos were getting a heavy trunk loaded with money out of the back of the wagon.

While they acted like it was heavy they forgot to walk with their arm out for leverage like you do when you are carrying something heavy.

You know what I mean, like how you do when you're carrying a five gallon bucket full of water or feed.

If you know that kind of life and the things that go with it you know when you see something that isn't real.

When we know truth, we can easily see when something is false.

I've always heard the story about how they teach tellers to spot counterfeit money in the bank.

They don't teach them.

The story says they just get them so used to handling true money they know when they get a hold of a fake.

I think that's how it is with all of us.

We're all experts at something.

We all have a job and we know what we're doing.

So if you find yourself getting down on yourself, just remember you are an expert at what you do.

You know how to do it and you do it well.

You can't be fooled.

All of us doing what we know  everyday is what makes the world go round.

There are no unimportant people or jobs.

Thanks for knowing what you know, and  for doing what you do.

We couldn't get along with out you.


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