Satellite TV, Tom Cruise and Dusty Furniture

Those of you who know us are not going to believe this.

The Mark Gray Family will be getting Dish as of today.

As you know I'm the woman who didn't want a TV in her living room.

We do have a TV we even have more than one TV, I just didn't want one in the living room.

I have never been a big TV or movie person, as a matter of fact if Tom Cruise, ( whose name I've heard) walked up on the porch, knocked on the door and asked me how to get to town I wouldn't even know who he was.

So dish for me is a big deal.

Mark likes TV better than me but he likes money better than TV.

The idea of paying money to watch TV has never appealed to him. 

So what happened, why the big change?

I have no idea.

I was looking around for a different Internet service and of course got satellite info along with it.

The girls asked me to ask their dad if we could get it.

I knew he would say no, they had asked before, this horse had already been rode.

They wanted me call him while he was out working and ask.

I being the wise wife and mother I am knew better than that.

A woman has to be careful about time when she's doing something like this.

So when he came in for supper, right when I sat his plate down in front of him and handed him his tea, I said, "So the girls want to get Dish, what do you think?" 

He said, "okay."

Just like that.

So I called and they said they are coming out.

Now I'm in a panic.

I assume the are going to have to see our TV.

I assume they may have to look under it or behind it.

Or worse yet move the entertainment center that hasn't been moved in six years.

Why didn't I clean under that thing all those months ago when I thought about it.

The dust balls underneath it have joined together to form a comforter.

Oh well, I've already been found out so there's nothing to do but make some good snack food and get my dust ball comforter ready for movie night.

Who knows, maybe I'll find out who Tom Cruise is.


  1. Oh my...I am behind reading post and am shocked to hear this. Yay now you can get caught up on The Bible movie. Cause they playing reruns

    1. I am cracking up Amanda, I bet you are shocked!! And you're right I'll need to see the Bible series


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