Send the Nanny Home

You know that show, "The Nanny?"

Well, it makes me crazy.

So today I found a show called the "Nanny" something.

I can't remember what it's called for sure but she goes around and basically teaches people how to have supper.

I liked the show, the lady seemed nice but in the end it made me crazy too.

Or maybe I'm not crazy, maybe I'm bewildered. Maybe I'm sad.

It all makes me think if we need Nannies for everything maybe we're a nation that never grew up.

It makes me think we need to put Home EC. back in the schools.

It makes me think when we all thought the only career that mattered was a paid one the family paid a high price.

We all have to be taught to be family. In the Bible the Apostle  Paul told the older women to teach the younger women to love their husbands and children.

So there's nothing wrong with being taught the problem is no one is teaching.

The home has taken a backseat in the education department.

About the time the homemakers left the home, the schools stopped teaching Home EC and so it seems everyone is learning how to go out and make a living, but no one has a clue about how to make a life.

If our homes fail and if we aren't raising whole, stable, good, responsible people then we will end up in a well educated dysfunctional mess.

What amazes me is that a Nanny is supposed to take care of children, yet in each case of the various type of Nanny shows it's the adults that need a Nanny.

It's like they never realized they were the adult.

Almost like they needed someone to tell them they were the grown up and it was okay to act like one. It appears like they need someone to tell them they have every right to take control of their home not only the right but the responsibility.

It would be a great thing if we could all start taking responsibility for teaching our own families about the home, about the supper table and about how to make a life.

It would be a wonderful thing if as a nation we could grow up and send the Nanny home.


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