You Never Know

You remember Dolly and Joey don't you?

Dolly is in the front and Joey is in the back.

Yesterday I was on my way to the greenhouses and spotted Dolly in the field alone.

I thought it strange since almost always she and Joey are together but once in a while they'll find themselves in different fields and spend most of the day trying to figure out how to get back together.

When I came back out of the greenhouse's and was almost back to the house Dolly started to neigh.

I turned around and looked but everything seemed okay so I kept going.

Later that night  I asked Liv if she had seen Joey and she said no.

She called her dad since he was still out working and asked if he had seen him.

Mark found him down by the chicken houses with wire wrapped around his leg.

Olivia hurried down there and I hurried to worry.

Joey is not the most pleasant horse, if I wasn't trying to be polite here on my blog I would say he was down right hard to get along with.

So the thought of Mark and Liv trying to cut wire  off of his leg was a little scary.

Liv said when she was halfway back in the field Dolly came running to her neighing as if she was trying to tell her.

Joey stayed calm and let them cut the wire off and appeared no worse from the experience.

It looked like a semi load of feed had came in through the night and ran over the fence and that's how he came to get tangled in it.

The whole point of this long story is you never know.

How many times have I worried about these animals, thought something seemed amiss, only to either investigate myself or send Mark on a mission just to find out I had over reacted.

So this time, while I felt that instant sense of alarm, I told myself, "oh it's nothing"  and it was something.

It's just like when Heidi was a little and every time she got sick I took her to the Dr. Finally Dr. Maria told me, "Kelly, you don't have to bring her to see me every time she gets sick, she can run fever for a few day as long as it's not to high."

So that's what I did, the next time she got sick I waited.

She got pneumonia.

I got guilt.

You know how we mothers are, we always carry an extra bag of guilt with us where ever we go because we never know when we will have to immerse ourselves in it.

Sort of how I felt yesterday about Joey.

I guess it's always better to be safe than sorry.

So, I guess I'll go back to my over reacting and carrying on because after all,

You never know.


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