I Practiced What I Preached, I Listened Quietly... Sorta

Remember me telling you about how every time I post  how we should be, I am almost instantly put in a place where I have to eat my words,  live up to them or both.

It happened again.

If you are a follower of my page you know I have been posting about listening. Just tips and hints about being a good listener.

Well, guess what? Mark told me something and I didn't want to listen, I wanted to scream, but I knew screaming wouldn't change anything because I've taken that approach other times over the last 30 years to no avail.

Olivia's open house is this Sunday.

The chickens all went out earlier in the week.

This is  a good thing, I thought Mark would be a little less stressed and have some extra time.

He just told me a man called and wants chicken litter, a lot of chicken litter.

That means cleaning out the barns, that mean stirring up the smell and attracting flies.

He sees no problem with this.  He has no idea why I should be concerned about cleaning out barns and hosting an open house all in the same weekend.

But then this is the same man who found a large dead feeder steer  on the fourth of July one year and brought it to the end of the drive way for the dead animal wagon to pick up.

It was 97 degrees and we were having both sides of the family for fireworks and a cookout and this steer was at the head of the driveway as they pulled in.

The only thing that saved me was they were all farmers too or had been farmers and knew the routine but still, I mean really, on the fourth of July.

Soooo, since I had just told you all how we should practice being the listener we want to be, that's what I did.

I didn't say a word, I practiced what I  preached, I just listened.

Well, really I was giving him the silent treatment but it sounds much nicer to say I just listened quietly.


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