Pray and Get Up!

Heidi said something yesterday  I thought was really good.

She said, " The National Day of Prayer should be changed to The National Pray and Get Up Day."

She said, "We all know we need to pray, but there comes a time to get up and act on what we've prayed about."

What if after we get up from praying today we comment to staying in our marriages instead of just praying for stronger families?

What if we decided to be the grown up, and take the time to discipline our own children instead of talking about how disobedient the children of today are?

What if instead of talking about how bad the media and TV shows have got we got up and shut them off instead of watching them in our home?

What if we decided to be honest in all of our every day dealings and struggles with greed instead of talking about corporate greed and dishonesty. What if we got up and gave an honest day's work for an honest day's pay?

What if we got up and spent more time with our kids and less on ourselves?  There comes a time as grown women, as mothers and wives, some of the shopping, the gym, the hair and the nails the girls nights out have to take a back burner. What if instead of saying that was true, we lived it.

What if we got up and understood the world wasn't about us?

What if we acted on what God told Joshua in Joshua 7:10 "Stand up! what are you doing down on your face?"

Heidi mentioned the exclamation point. God was serious.

God said why are you down there telling me all this, get up and take care of the problem?
I like what God said to Job, "Brace yourself like a man"  or some versions, say "Stand up and be a man."

I think that's what God might be telling us today.

Praying is good but you've got to get up. You've got to get up and be a man.

After you pray today, get up.

Get up and be the man or woman God has called you to be. 

Don't just think it sounds nice to read about or pray about, get up and do it.

Be the person with integrity and love.

Not because it makes you better than someone else, but because it gives God glory and will turn the world around.

Get up and be the spouse you would pray for others to be today. Be the parent you are praying for kids to have.

Just remember, if Joshua had never got up the promised land would have never been won.


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