Kitchen Things I've Learend Along the Way

Today I'm going to post a little list of things most know but some don't and everyone needs to.

Hope it's helpful to someone.

When you are frying bacon to keep your bacon from curling up don't turn it to often. Cook it slow and only turn when it is desired crispness on one side.

You know your potatoes are ready to mash when you can smash them on the side of the kettle with a fork.

Always use real butter.

Don't salt dried beans until they are almost done or they won't soften.

Rule of thumb for frying chicken is  oil heated to 350 degrees before you put the chicken in, add slowly and don't overcrowd your skillet, I always fry in two skillets. Turn meat every 15 minutes for about 45 minutes to an hour. When juice runs clear you know it's done.

Buttermilk makes the best cornbread. Melt butter in your cast iron skillet on the stove top add cornbread to it and let sit on stove top until it bubbles at edges then place in hot oven to finish.

If your brown sugar gets hard you can put it in a ziploc with a slice of bread and it will soften again.

Don't ever just pour your water or liquid into flour all at once. You have to add it in very slowly stirring after each addition or it will lump up and you'll never get the lumps out.

Even sweets need salt, Marks mom always says a pinch of salt in about everything keeps it from tasting flat.

Always measure exactly when baking. Level off your ingredients with a knife and don't shake flour down.

Don't over work pie crust or baking powder biscuits. They will be tough if you do.

Most cake mixes will be better and more moist if you bake them at 325 instead of the 350 the box calls for.

This is just a simple little list of things you may have known forever or some of it could be news to you.

Please add your comments of the little things you've learned along the way that someone starting out or maybe even someone that's been in the kitchen  a long time might not know.

I'm looking forward to learning from you!


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