The Teaching of Motherhood is a Beautiful Thing

With Mothers Day upon us I've been thinking about when I became a mother for the first time.

That was twenty-five years ago.

Back when you didn't go to the Dr. as soon or as often you only had one ultra sound unless there was a problem and you had the baby one day and went home the next. This changed by the time I got to Liv and I stayed two days.

I had my babies when natural childbirth was in.  So I had all mine natural.

If you've ever been pregnant you know women share their labor stories like men share war stories. 

It seemed everyone had a story to tell about how awful it was.

So I prayed.  I prayed that my labor wouldn't hurt, then I remembered God had already told me it was going to hurt in His Word which made me think I might as well not pray.

Then I thought, God is God, and He can do whatever He wants so I kept on praying it wouldn't hurt.

I went a week over. I was huge. One morning I got ready to go to church and when I put my dress on I popped a button.

I threw myself down on the bed and cried, "Please God, let me have this baby"  Later I started having contractions and threw myself down on the bed and cried, "Not now God"  He had His hands full with me at this time.

I don't have a story to tell about going into labor, I always feel less than when women start telling about how they were in such and such place and their water broke or labor started.

I was induced each time.

God did hear my prayer and while labor wasn't pain free it was always very quick.

From the time I had my first contraction until Heidi was born was only two hours.

I remember telling the nurse my pains were really strong she smiled thinking I was going to be one of those. I mean I had only been in labor a couple of hours and it was my first baby.

As it turned out they were bad because I was ready to deliver.

I thought about a lot of things while I was in labor.

I thought about my Grandma's. When they had their children they had to face whatever came at them. There was no, "I've had enough now"  they had to go natural.

I thought about how labor, if everything is normal becomes a mind game of sorts.

I had to tell myself every pain was my friend and got me closer to where I wanted to be.

I told myself I had to go with each pain because it was doing something and I had to let it do it's job and not fight against it.

I thought of all the women who had done this thing before me and I knew I could too.

I thought about Mark sitting over there eating a Burger King Meal watching TV, but that's another story.

Along with all the natural childbirth stuff was all the bonding stuff. All the stories about how I would feel the minute the baby was born.

I failed in that department. None of that was true for me.

I found the beginnings of motherhood difficult.

It took me about a week to fully understand what was going on.

I remember the morning it clicked with me.

Just a few days after Heidi was born I looked over at her. she woke me up crying and it hit me. I was her mother. I had to be everything to her my mother had been to me.

I didn't think I could do it.

I mean look at me. I was a 23 year old woman who had just had a baby and I was spending the week at my mother's house so she could take care of me.

I think it was that mother of mine taking care of me that instilled such a desire to mother in me.

On those first few days when I was overwhelmed, emotional, engorged and exhausted, she took of me.

She took care of Heidi.

She taught me how to take care of Heidi.

She showed me how to diaper, bathe and wrap her up tight.

She showed me how to put myself last and my child first.

Mom took care of me and when the week was up she sent me home.

I know I've told some of you this before but I can see us standing in my old room right before we left her house to come home.

We had just changed Heidi and she was laying there on the bed content.

I was so scared. I asked Mom if she was afraid to send Heidi home with me and she said, "Why Heavens no, you will be a wonderful mother."

I don't know about being a wonderful mother but I know I learned to love and care for my kids.

Mom didn't have to take care of Heidi or me again until Lucas was born.

With Lucas I came home and mom came over everyday  for a few days to fix supper and pick up the house.

I remember after Jessica was born mom came over and I was sitting in the bed with Heidi on one side of me Lucas on the other and Jess in my arms. I looked up and mom was leaning against the bedroom door frame watching us. She held a dish towel in her hands and she said, "I guess you don't need me on this one."

I told her I always needed her but she had taught me and now I could go on my own.

I decided along time ago a girl never needs her mother more than when she becomes a mother.

If you had your mother during that time give thanks to God and your mother and if you have a daughter give  yourself to her  when her turn comes.

The teaching of motherhood is a beautiful thing.


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