The Apron Lady is Coming to Lost River!!

Every since we bought the farm at Lost River I have wanted to  use it to bless others.

I had all these ideas of how I was going to fix it up and decorate this old former Amish house.

Well, reality hit.

As Mark often reminds me we bought a farm not a house, the house just happened to come with it. A lot of money shouldn't be spent on the house at first because we have farm things to do. ( All you farm wives can recite this conversation word for word I'm sure)

It has been great to have the family dinners and holidays and I plan to keep that up. We're having a Mothers Day bonfire this Sunday night.

But I wanted to do even more. I kept thinking when I got things just how I wanted them, even though I wasn't sure how that was I would have something special.

I knew whatever it was while I wanted it to look nice, I mainly wanted it to look like my kitchen. I wanted it to be just like you happened to stop by just as the noon meal was coming up.

I wanted people to come in and be struck more by the home feel than by the decor.

Recently I asked myself, so if that's what you want why are you waiting?

So, I decided to go ahead.

I'm not waiting.

I'm so excited to announce the Apron Lady will be at Lost River on Saturday,Morning June 22 at 11;00 in the morning.

If you have not heard her you are in for a treat.

Bobby, Barb, Dana and I heard her last fall and she just did the Mother Daughter Banquet at Sugar Creek.

She brings her collection of aprons dating back as far as the early 1800s.

She will share the history of the apron and the changes in not only the apron but in the lives of women.

She is funny and informative and you will have a great time!

I know it's early yet but seating is limited so I wanted to let you know ahead of time.

Bring your family or friends and your apron or a family members apron, and most importantly bring the story that goes with it and share it with all of us that day.

Cost for the brunch and the speaker is $20.00.

If you can make it let me know.. I can't wait to have you all over!!


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