What's Wrong With Comfortable Anyway?

What's wrong with comfortable anyway?

It seems we live in a day when we are encouraged to keep everything fresh new and exciting.

Especially in our marriages and in our looks.

I agree, that's a good idea.

But you know me...... I always have a but.

But isn't there something to be said for being comfortable with each other, something good about the same old same old, the steadiness of life?

Something about not having to plan a huge anniversary outing to enjoy your anniversary.

Really not caring if you buy gifts for one another and really not feeling unloved or unappreciated because gifts weren't exchanged.

I remember when we had been married seven years Mark's twin brother Mike got married. I felt a little twinge of jealousy.

I mean there was all the wedding planning and excitement of starting out.

Then I looked out the window and saw Mark coming through the field and up to the house.

I knew I wasn't jealous anymore.

I was comfortable and it was good.

We had fought our way through the newlywed stage.

I knew how he was weird and he knew how I was strange.

Our very first anniversary supper was called off because his dad called and said he had hay down and they were calling for rain and could Mark come help get it in the barn.

That never bothered me, that was life and it was good. I never took the fact that he had to go as meaning he didn't love me. One thing had nothing to do with the other.

Fancy dinners and weekend getaways are wonderful and I hope everyone takes some time to enjoy them but they aren't what lives are made of.

When we think they are we become disappointed.

So if you have some ordinary, predictable, comfortable maybe even some taking for granted going on in your marriage, hey, don't fight it.

Enjoy it.

After all if you were getting into anything else in life for the long haul, you would look for comfortable. You look for comfortable shoes, clothes, home etc. so why not enjoy it in your marriage.

Here's hoping  you are blesssed with the same old same old, comfortable kind of evening and that you realize what a blessing it is.


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