A Day Like No Other

Sunday is one of my favorite things. Its a day like no other. Everyday of the week is a gift but I think of Sunday as being the big gift sitting on the table with all the other days around it and you have to open the little ones before you get the big one.
I like to think of all that will be going on today. I like to think of all the houses where moms, or grandma's are getting up early to prepare Sunday dinner. None of the kids even know how much work they put into it but they know they look forward to it every week. 
Maybe they have a game of some sort or shopping, or the simple Sunday afternoon drive or a nap on the couch. Every one celebrates Sunday in a different way. 
God is good like that. He gives us what He knows are bodies and souls are crying for after a week of toil. He gives us a day of rest and reflection. A day of choices. A day to remember Him or a day to go on like usual. He told us what He wants for this day and then He sets us free to do with it what we chose. 
Sunday is the Lords Day, Gods gift to us. It really is a day like no other. I want to remember Him in all I do. 
Here's wishing you a happy day like no other day!


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