Here We Are

Well here we are. I've wanted to blog for the longest while but I just never seemed to be able to get it up and going, tonight with the help of our son, Lucas and Tim our son in heart I have finally became a blogger...  I love my family and our life. I love the things that happen to us and around us. Its not big stuff, its the same things that are happening in your life. The things that make me smile are probably the same things that make you smile.I've often thought of Laura Ingalls Wilder and how we all love to read  her adventures .  Then I thought of all the other little girls that made that same sort of trip across the country in a covered wagon, all those little girls that grew up on the praire. They all had stories too. Some of them maybe even more exciting than Laura's, the only difference is Laura wrote hers down. Because she wrote them down countless people have made the journey  out of the Big Woods and into the west with the Ingalls family.  I guess that's what I want to do with this blog. I want us to journey together through the everyday things here on our farm, in our home, with our family in this house and our extended family, our church family and our neighbors. I want you to journey with us. When you read about us I want you to think about you. I want you to find your story, to love your story. Tuck your story away in your heart as a memory or write it down on paper either way it will be a beautiful thing to take out and enjoy and live again as the days go by. Savor each of your days you know there will never be another one just like it. (Psalm 90:12) Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.
I can't wait to talk again tomorrow!


  1. Kelly, I knew you had it in there! What a beautiful way to kick off your blog. You have an amazing ability to paint a picture with your words. Thank you for sharing!

    Please keep it up.


    1. Thank you so much Byron, you and your sweet wife and amazing son have been a great encouragement to me!


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