Meet the youngest member of our family, Foxey.  She is a Sheba Imu. She looks a lot like a fox only she is much fatter and has a curly tail.
 We got Foxey about 2 1/2 years ago.  Our two youngest girls, Jessica and Olivia have always been very close, so when Jess got her first boyfriend Liv was lost. I had the crazy idea of getting a dog, sort of replace Jess with a dog.  With that said the search was on. Olivia searched the web and found Foxey. We sent to Missouri to get her and went to the Louisville airport to pick her up. You have no idea how huge that was for us. I mean, we don't order dogs on the computer and we certainly were not the kind of people to travel to Louisville Ky to pick up a dog at the airport.  But as they say, "the things you do for your kids."   Fox has certainly earned her place in this family.  When Lucas was home from school this weekend he set up skype for us. He said the main reason he wanted to was so he could call home and see Foxey.
Mark thinks Foxey is our first grandchild. Whenever he is talking to her or to me about her he calls me "Grandmother" needless to say, I'm not to big on that.
I love flowers and have large flower pots on the porch every year filled with flowers, you guessed it, Fox jumped in the pots and smashed the flowers, Mark said, "oh grandmother, she didn't mean to." Then he got her another pot filled it with dirt and sat it on the porch so she could have her own flowerpot minus the flowers to sleep in. This worked for awhile but yesterday I found her sleeping on top of my mums.  AUG!!!  Then when Mark and I were in town, Olivia called and told me she and Tim had carved a jack-o-lantern, she went on to tell me how she didn't think it turned out so well and on and on then she says in this forlorn voice, "oh mom, something bad happened."  Of course my mom mind flew into gear and I said, "what happened, what happened, did you cut yourself making the jack-o-lantern, are you bleeding?'  To which she replied, "no, mom, but Foxey ate one of your good sandals." As I hung up the phone and turned to Mark he said, "now grandmother." I just turned my head back and looked out the window and thought of home and Foxey and how she really is part of the family, faults and all.


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