On Bended Knee We Come

Sometimes things happen that put everything else in its place. Something like that is happening now. Amy Weilbaker, a beautiful young wife and mother is fighting for her life.
I remember one of our elders having a prayer for a member of our church, this member had cancer and it was serious. Our elder stood and looked at us as a church and said. I am going to have to get down on my knees and pray this prayer. I am desperate for this prayer to be answered. He asked us to join him. It was a Sunday night and we were a very small group, but we went to our knees and our elder took us to God in prayer for our brother. God heard our prayer, the man we prayed for  still worships in that same church today.
I know those of you who know me have heard me say this before but it is so powerful to me. In Mark 1:30 we're told that Peter's mother-in-law was sick and they told Jesus. The thought of them telling Jesus moves me every time. We all need someone to tell Jesus for us. I know the Weilbaker family is a Christian family, a praying family and I know they are praying. I also know sometimes when our worry is great and we're overcome we need others to tell Jesus, we need others to talk to Him for us when we just can't. I'm asking everyone to pray for Amy, pray for her healing, talk to Jesus for her, talk on bended knee. Pray for her like you would want others to pray if she was your daughter or your daughter in-law. Bring her name before our Father, remembering what James says, "The prayer offered in faith will make the sick person well; The Lord will raise them up".  On down in the last part of verse 16 he says, "  The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective."
I'm so thankful for Jesus, our Great Physician. I'm so glad we can tell Him about Amy.


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