Isn't there just something wonderful about sons?  There is something wonderful about daughters too I treasure all of the things about my kids but I was reminded of my sons specialness this weekend.
Lucas is always so good to me. When we are out he takes care of me. He  wants to make sure I get what I want even if it means he has to wait for me. He wants me to be happy. Now, this doesn't mean he is above asking me to make a pizza at midnight or anything like that it just means he thinks of me too.

I am proud of the man he is. I remember when I first realized he was a man. We thought someone was down at the  chicken houses messing around with stuff. It was late at night and we were all in the kitchen and Mark said he was going down there, he went out the door and Lucas went with him. He went right out the door behind his dad to see what was going on. I just stood there speechless.  Something major had just happened. Up until that time if there had ever been any danger real or perceived, Mark would have protected the kids and I and after Mark I would have been the next line of defense protecting the children.  But you see, things had changed and I hadn't even noticed. The line had changed, Lucas stepped around me, he had accepted   the place of protector for his sisters and I. Now it is Mark , Lucas, me and the girls. That may seem a small thing but it isn't, it is a huge thing, it is a man thing. It's a has to be sort of thing.  
He is gone back to school tonight. I miss him. When we pulled out of the McDonald's parking lot in Mitchell this afternoon his dad and I drove in silence. It's hard to talk with a knot in your throat.
As much as I miss the little boy I had I would never go back. I treasure the man he is now. God Bless you my Lucas.


  1. hey wheres the like button on here...very good Kelly looking forward to reading more.

  2. Thank you Amanda. I'm glad your looking forward to more!


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