A Lemon of a Morning.

I said earlier this morning I felt like the man in the old Dunkin Donuts commercial. Remember how he had to get up so early and he acted like he was in a trance, still half asleep saying, "I've got to make the donuts, I've got to make the donuts?"  That was me this morning only I was saying, "I've got to fix the breakfast, I've got to fix the breakfast."  I too acted like I was in a trance and only half awake. That is until I needed the zest of one lemon for something I was making for breakfast.  It was wonderful, The smell of sunshine and freshness filled the kitchen and I was wide awake. I loved it, It was a great way to start the day. I think I'll zest a lemon every morning from now on just to get the wake up feeling. I guess on the days we're having cereal I could just squirt some lemon furniture polish around the house. Either way,  it's been a lemon of a morning, and that my friends is just the morning I needed.


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