Seasonal and Regional

This morning started slow but once it got going its been busy. I made Bacon, French Toast with Berry Butter and coffee  for everyone this morning. I didn't eat any but it was such fun to serve. It looked so pretty.
After Jess left for work and Liv for school Mark and I worked on bank stuff, insurance stuff, confined feeding  permit stuff and just stuff. We hope to everything taken care of soon.
Heidi came over to work in the chicken houses and I mowed.  This time I got to close to the picnic table and it got caught on the mower and started moving with me. I am getting better at getting out of my disasters than I use to be. I tried to back up and the table still went with me. I just kept moving back and forth real slow until it came lose. I don't know how it got wedged but it did. I kept a steady hand on the mower and a steady eye out for Mark.  Thankfully the mower was freed and Mark never showed up. 
 My other adventure of the day was discovering  I'm a regionally and seasonally confused person. I made a Persimmon Pudding for dessert which is both regionally and seasonally correct. Then I made a Shrimp with Summer Squash dish for supper which is neither regional nor seasonal.  I don't think Mark noticed, he is as seasonally and regionally challenged as I am.


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