Crazy to Complain

Why is it so easy to complain?   

For all but one day of our stay here, there have been bulldozers and workers in front of the house working day and night.  They have caution tape up so we can't walk out to the beach.  When you sit outside the smell of diesel is strong in the air.  The dozers keep you up at night and shake the house.

This isn't what we paid for. We paid to be able to walk out our back door  and into the ocean. Not to go out, get in the car and drive five miles down the rode to enjoy the beach.

Left to my ungrateful self I could be angry, or feel cheated, or disappointed.  God never leaves me to myself though.   He promised to send me His Holy Spirit to help me and guide me.

My spirit started to be  thankful that I had legs and could walk to the car to go to another beach, thankful I had a car to drive, thankful it was only five miles down the road.

Thankful that the ocean is being preserved, thankful those men had jobs.  Thankful for my husbands job that made this trip possible. Thankful my children are healthy and can be here with me.

I was reminded of how upset I got one day because I had to go down to the chicken house to get water from the well down there.  I thought, "this is America, I should have water at the sink."  On and on I went until the Holy Spirit came to me again and reminded of how much God hates complaining.

In my mind I saw the mothers in 3rd world countries walking miles to get water, dirty water at that. I thought about them carrying it on their heads.  I thought about how terrible it would be not to be able to give my children a clean drink of water.

I knew the God of the Universe, the God that loves me so was looking down on those mothers and looking down on me at the same time.  He saw how he had blessed me and how I was ungrateful for His goodness to me. He sent His sweet sweet Spirit to gather in my wayward thoughts and draw my  heart back to Him.

When I remove myself, from myself, step back, and look at things like God would look, or try to see the big picture not just my corner of the photo, things get a lot clearer. Things come into focus and I see all my blessings.

God created a great big beautiful ocean and they are working on about a mile of it that happens to be in front of our beach house.  Is that really a big deal?    

I think not.

To complain would seem crazy.

Thank you God for all your blessings and for your gentle reminders.


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