Grown Up Married People

I was thinking about the ocean when it occurred to me, the ocean is a lot like marriage. 

The ocean can be calm and tranquil, it can be exciting and romantic, it can even be placid, but lets be honest..... without notice it can get ugly.

Sort of like what happened over our shrimp dinner just a couple of hours ago.  Everything was calm, maybe even a little romantically exciting, then out of the blue Mark goes and makes me was over cocktail sauce.  Petty I know, but I promise you, at the time it seemed major.

Why does he have to do that?  I may have got on his nerves a little bit but you and I both know it couldn't have been by much.

The happy thing is marriage is like the ocean in other ways too,  the clouds can look black but the sun is still there behind them.  The storm does blows over.

I haven't asked him yet, because I'm still locked in my room waiting for him to miss me, but if I did ask him, I know he would be over it.  The shrimp cocktail storm has past. 

Funny how what seems so childish now, seemed like a huge deal at the time.  I've got to laugh,  I mean think about it, Mark and I glaring at each other across the table over cocktail sauce. 

Sometimes I wonder if we'll ever be grown up married people.

I guess I should go unlock the door.


  1. That is so funny! I love the way you write Kelly. You should write a book. Lol

  2. Thank you Charlene. I think life is funny. Or maybe it's just my life. lol


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