Rice Hulls

We got rice hulls delivered from Arkansas in at Lost River yesterday for bedding the chicken houses.

Rice hulls are just what they sound like, the hulls that are left behind when the rice is harvested.

It looks like the buildings are full of rice cereal.

That's my dad, David Marshall standing at the door overseeing things.

Mark is in the building using the bobcat to move the rice hulls back through the building.

He'll use a grader box and shovel to finish it all out and make it smooth and even for chickens.

Tyson called this morning and said we will get most all our chicks on Thursday of next week and finish out on Friday.

Then we will be up and running at Lost River  and Rosebud.

Hard to believe Mark and I are starting this whole process over again by adding another farm. He will be 51 next month and I'm 48.

I guess if you are young enough to wonder what might be over the next mountain you are still young enough to try and climb it.

Even if it is made of rice hulls.


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