Is It To Much To Ask

Mark was up before me this morning. That is unusual.  Not only up, but up and ready to go out the door before I even entered the kitchen.

He was pulling out the drive in the truck, he had the trailer with the Bobcat on it. 

I know he would love it if I had a fire going in the wood stove when he came in.  I would love to have one going for him too.

It's strange the way I am, on a day that starts warm and turns cold and damp, I want to have a fire for him when he comes in.

But if its already cold and he has the fire going before he goes out, I forget to check it and it dies down.

Sometimes when I see the truck coming down the road, it jars my memory and I run to the stove and try to throw some wood in there. 

This doesn't work, believe me, you can't fool a seasoned, wood burning man. 

It makes him so mad when he comes in to find I've forgot the stove. He either stands there and looks at me, ( I think you all are getting the idea about the look by now) or he says what he is thinking, in the way he says things that he's thinking........  I haven't explained that to you yet.....Somethings are better left unsaid

But if I was going to tell you it would go something like this, "Is it to much for a man to ask...."and on and on he goes, I can recite it word by word.

The fact that I can say it word for word is an embarrassment because it proves, he is having to say it over and over since I'm not getting it.

It really isn't to much for a man to ask for the stove to be kept going after he has been working in the cold all day.  This year I will do better.

I gotta go, I hear the truck and the fires going out!


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